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So I was reading this article about an indoor dog park that is very popular in the Dallas area. People are traveling for miles to spend time at this facility where they can hang out with their dog, socialize their dog, and enjoy some coffee and wi-fi at the same time. One woman even comes frequently from 2 hours away and stays in a hotel just to go there each day. That sounds a lot like she's taking her dogs to Doggie Disney World.

I really wonder why no one thought of this sooner. Dog owners have always wanted to have an enjoyable time with their puppies. What better way than to relax and let your puppy wander around freely without the fear of oncoming traffic, without having to brave nature's elements, without having to worry about your dog catching a disease (there are strict vaccination guidelines) or getting injured in a fight (there are doggie security guards).

I'm actually planning on moving to the Dallas area next year and hopefully get a puppy. I'm definitely going to be checking out the place. That Texas heat is brutal, and having the option to walk and socialize my dog indoors will be very inticing. On the downside, instead of getting my much needed exercise, I'll probably end up sitting down with a drink or snack while my dog romps around. That really defeats the purpose of dog-walking for health benefits, but I guess going to the indoor dog park is better than staying at home to avoid bad weather.

Another downside possibility...the smell! Do you think these places do a good job of cleaning up the mess these dogs will inevitably make? I guess if places like PetSmart keep it clean, these places can too. I wouldn't rely on owners to clean up after their dogs though. I'm amazed at all the instances where I see owners just letting their dog do their dirty work anywhere and then not cleaning it up. If the staff is involved, there may be hope.

Overall it seems like an idea that can really work and will probably gain popularity in the future, perhaps expanding to other metropolitan areas.

Would you bring your dog to an indoor dog park? Do you think it would be smelly or clean? Have you ever been to one? What was it like? Leave your comment below.

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I would definitely try indoor dog parks when I get a chance. It's like indoor tennis courts, very convenient, especially good for rainy season here. Good post!

Posted by petlover on Thursday, 09/10/2009, 18:12PM


Thank you for posting this article! I'm really glad to hear that you're moving to the Dallas area...please do come visit Unleashed with your new anipal when you arrive. I wanted to comment to address the two potential downsides you mentioned. As far as human exercise goes, you can absolutely chill while the Unleashed staff watches your dog (and I have to admit, the cafe food is temptingly good!) But if you do feel like running around/playing catch/etc, the facility is about the size of a football field, so there's ample room for you to get some legwork in while your pooch is playing. Regarding smell...Unleashed doesn't! There's a special antimicrobial dog grass covering everything, so messes are either cleaned up immediately or drain through, and it gets washed down every night. We made a YouTube video that explains in more detail: . Finally, I've followed you on Twitter, so please check us out too! Looking forward to seeing you in our park :)
Posted by unleashed on Thursday, 09/10/2009, 09:13AM

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