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Excessive scratching – maybe it's that annoying spot behind your dog's ears. It could also be some nibbling at the side of his leg. Well it seems that your dog always have that urge to scratch excessively. An itchy dog shares his misery with everyone. What causes itching in dogs? Usually, fleas are the culprits. They are sometimes the source of annoyance in many dogs that frustrate a lot of dog owners. There would also be times when you notice your dog is trying to reach his paws to relieve the itch.
Parasitic infections like fleas, ticks, and mites are also among the leading and most popular causes of excessive scratching in dogs. These parasites are difficult to eliminate and they love to feed off your dog. When treating your dog from ticks and fleas, make sure to treat the yard and the areas around the house to prevent these bugs from plaguing. Fleas love to thrive in bedding and their environment and therefore it is more difficult to totally get rid of them and they multiply fast.
If ticks, fleas, and mites are not the reasons why your dog excessively scratch, he may be allergic to something. Like humans, dogs can also develop allergies. It is difficult to determine what causes the allergy. There are many types of dog allergies and it is difficult to figure out what really causes the itching.
There are many ways to treat allergies in dogs but prescriptions that are often given can have serious side effects especially when used long term. Natural treatments are the best treatments for dog allergies. You can introduce herb-based medicine to your dog instead of steroids. Herbal medicines also boost the dog's immune system, making him healthier. If your dog has a stronger immune response, it will fight off the allergens that attack him, allowing him to feel better. Different types of allergies such as food allergies and dog skin allergies can be treated with herbs and other natural treatments.
Dog skin allergies are the most common form of allergy in dogs. Herbal medicines come in either tablet or capsule form. Give him something that he can take easily. Look for an allergic medicine that's been formulated by the vet and that already has been used for quite a while. The medicines that are used by holistic veterinarians are of good quality and provide strong results but bring very rare side effects.
In treating
dog allergies, you can find booster options that can be bought along with the capsules or tablets. Using these options could help in boosting the immune response of the dog and therefore slowly clearing up your dog's allergic condition.

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