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Everybody has had to deal with the inconvenience of lost luggage – it can put a real damper on any trip when you don’t have your stuff on vacation, or especially if it vanishes forever. But how would you feel if that luggage contained something as precious and irreplaceable as your pet? The guilt and loss would be unbearable, and would certainly raise a great deal of anger at the responsible airline!

That’s exactly what happened to Jack, the New York cat whose person, Karen Pascoe, was moving him and his sibling to California. Missing for 7 weeks after being lost in August in American Airline’s baggage area, the theory suggested by Department of Transportation  is that Jack’s kennel had been stacked on top of his sibling’s, and it fell, allowing him to escape.

American Airlines says that their staff has been dedicated to finding Jack in the weeks following his disappearance, and that he was finally discovered hiding in the customs room in JFK. Jack was immediately taken to a local veterinarian for a check up, and he has thankfully been given a clean bill of health.  After a Facebook page gained more than 16,000 followers, and American Airlines held a “Jack the Cat Awareness Day” at JFK to raise awareness of Jack and encourage people to keep an eye out for him, he has finally reappeared.

Joyfully – yet ironically -- Jack will be flown back to his person, in California. After all that, wouldn’t want your cat on a train, or come and get him yourself? The owner of his Facebook page points out that this should be a red flag for anyone traveling with their pet: don’t pug them in baggage, keep them in the cabin with you if you possibly can! Not only can they be lost in the shift and chaos of luggage handling, but traveling in the cargo area can be very uncomfortable and unpleasant for your animals.

Learn a lesson from Jack – keep your pets close by when you travel!

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