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It's the spring time and the cats are eager to explore the outside world and socialize with their feline friends.

My cat Mr. Fuzzy went away last Sat after 1pm and came back today around 3:10pm. I felt the end of the world at that moment. I was so thrilled to see him back today! He looked skinny but very healthy, still.

I was so sad and upset since Sat since he ran way. He grew up indoors with me and had never gone out and spent a night like this. This was his first time to stay overnight for two straight nights. It was just the end of the world when I came back and saw the house empty without him around. We've had so many unforgettable memories and are deeply bonded between us. Wherever I go and whatever I do, my lovely Mr. Fuzzy is always in my heart.

Over the past two days, I was thinking a lot. I analyzed the situation, went to my backyard and was standing on the ladder and watching my neighbors' backyards. I worried about him so much and wasn't sure if he got hurt, injured, broke his leg, got stuck, lost or kidnapped... A lot of possibilities could happen to him. I was even thinking about hiring a private investigator to search for him.

My neighbors were very nice and happy to help me. They told me "keep hoping", "hang in there"...

Luckily he came back today. It turned out he was just exploring and making some new friends (or girlfriends). I promised myself I would never let him out again and I've learned a lesson. It was such a painful process when I was anxiously waiting for him to come back. I looked out the window everyday, and cried...

A few tips for my fellow cat lovers and parents in this season to avoid losing your cat:
- Do NOT let your cat out. If you do, do supervise. Don't leave your cat unattended. Cats are eager to make friends in the spring and the fall. So pay close attention to your cat during the season.

Just in case your cat ran away, here is what you should do asap:
- Call the microchip company immediately if your cat is micro-chipped. Most of them have 24/7 lost pet service.

- Prepare a number of printouts and alert your neighbors. The printout needs to detail your cat's name, age, photo or link to his/her online profile and your contact info. Also describe what your cat likes to do and what places your cat likes to go to. Hand the printouts to your neighbors nearby so that everyone has your information. They will watch out for you and notify you once they see your cat.

- Call your local animal care center or animal shelter and report your lost pet to them.

- Walk out in your neighborhood during the week or at night and call your cat's name to see if he/she can come to you.

When your cat comes home again:
- Comfort your cat and feed him/her more food and water
- Spend more time with your cat the first couple of days
- Keep a close eye on him/her and do NOT let it happen again.

Never lose hope! I know losing your pet and waiting for him/her is very stressful and depressing but try your best regardless. Keep hoping and do whatever you can. Your will see your lovely baby sitting just right there, meowing at you one day!

Lastly, I want to thank all my neighbors and friends who helped me and advised me during this time. I should have a reunion party to celebrate!

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