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From the age of eight, I've had dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, and one very cute hamster. Now going on 36, I cannot imagine a life without the above and other pets as we navigate the often treacherous waters of humanity.

And lest you think me a misanthrope, I like people, too. Usually.

Still, our pets have taught my children compassion, tolerance, responsibility and yes, love.

As parents, we educate our children; we nurture them; teach them right from wrong. But the most important lesson we can teach our children is compassion and responsibility for someone other than themselves. Caring for a household pet is a life-long lesson for our children as they mature into thinking adults and become the stewards of our society in all its implications.

Further, it doesn't matter if one's pet is a lone fish in a tank or the classroom crayfish (both of which we had); parents, get your kid a pet.

That goes for the rest of us, too.

Yes, pets make a mess and break your heart. And cost you money. Lots of it. But they'll also make you a better person.

It's an ongoing process, and my pet family now of 5 cats (my beloved 12 year old dog now put to rest) take seriously their job of educating this well- meaning human who still has lots to learn.

I'm hoping to get a dog soon-mess included. And along with something else money cannot- will not-ever buy. And I'm sure you all know what that is.

Sorry I've type my essay a little bit boringly. But I hope I told a nice story.


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