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There are three  widely used methods for training your dogs, all of which we will cover today. Please note, however, that we do not suggest you use negative reinforcement training as a part of your dog's obedience. Read the section on that method, and you will learn why it is never a good idea.

The Three Techniques

Negative Reinforcement dog obedience training

This type of training is where you hit the dog or yell at them when they do something wrong. The problem with this is that instead of breeding them to love you and be your companion, you are actually breeding them to fear you and other people. This, in turn, causes them to be aggressive and unpredictable.

Positive Reinforcement

In this type of training, you will help to create a very secure bond with your dog that allows them to trust you, and actually love you. Instead of disciplining them for all of the bad things they do, you reward them for all of the good things they do. Over time they will learn what behaviors you find acceptable, and choose to do those instead of the bad behaviors- which were not rewarded. The type of reward you use is up to you, and it can be as simple as a pat on the head and a “good job boy.” Or, maybe a treat or a new toy if they've mastered something extremely good.

The Clicker Method For Dog Obedience

The clicker method is basically positive reinforcement but it is done using a clicker. You, the owner, will use the clicker to let the dog know that it has done right. This is actually the way that we would suggest you use to train your dog.

Tips On Dog Obedience Training

Now that you know about the three main methods, as well as which we do and do not suggest, here are some tips to help you along with the process.
  • Make time for training sessions. Every day is best, but make sure you squeeze in a training session at least every other day.
  • Keep the dog obedience training sessions short. Five to ten minutes is all it takes.
  • If you are using the clicker method, practice on your own before you begin actually training your job.
  • Plan out your training. Know what you are going to do, what commands you will  use, etc. ahead of time. That way, neither you nor your dog will get confused.
  • If you use a positive reinforcement method, don't punish your dog for being bad. It sounds a little backwards, but the fact remains the same that this can cause dogs to act out, which you certainly don't want.
We hope that this information on the three dog obedience techniques and the tips to go with them helped you out. Good luck in training your dog to be a real 'best friend' and good dog!

About the author: Doug Ryan is a dog trainer who loves dogs. His training and obedience program is successful because its based on sound research and a thorough understanding of dog Doug Ryan is a dog trainer who loves dogs. He suggests using the Gemini K9 Obedienc... more >>

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