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HAFowler's Benevolent Overlords, Charlotte & Elsie
HAFowler's Benevolent Overlords, Charlotte & Elsie, to whom she gives homage today. Mother and daughter adopted her in 2008.

In 2005, Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Welfare Advocate Colleen Paige created National Cat Day to help educate and urge the public into action in regard to the number of cats that need to find loving forever homes every year. Beyond that, National Cat Day is an opportunity for cat parents to give homage and a little extra special attention to the felines in their lives for the boundless love and joy they give us every day.

Statistics estimate that as many as four million cats end up in shelters every year, and sadly, up to two million of those end up being put to sleep because they are ill or haven’t been adopted, and the shelters simply don’t have the room or resources to keep them long-term. It’s up to those of us who love cats to help stop at least some of that loss of life, and National Cat Day is a great day to bring one of those sweeties home!

But even if you can’t adopt a cat today, there are other ways you can celebrate our feline friends. If you have one of your own at home, give her a special treat; some extra attention like a nice grooming (break out that brush!), or even just snuggle up with her in her favorite place and take a cat nap – you know how she loves that.

According to the Official National Cat Day website, the goal of the holiday this year is to “facilitate the adoption of 10,000 shelter cats nationwide.” Can your family help with that goal, or can .you encourage others to lend a hand?

Other ways you can aid those lonely cats that don’t have a forever home is to visit a shelter and spend some time with the poor felines there. Donate materials such as food, toys, and old bedding that shelters are always short of, or call your local humane society to find out what they need. You can always, of course, donate time and money.

There are lots of creative ways to celebrate our wonderful cat friends, like throwing a party with your other friends who are owned by cats and make it a fundraiser for your local shelter. Take part in a program that provides sponsorship for a “difficult to adopt” cat in a no-kill shelter or sanctuary for cats with special illnesses or difficulties, such as FIV. For more information on how to register your event and ideas for what you can do, stop by the official National Cat Day website at

However you decide to celebrate National Cat Day, at least make sure you give your own kitty a little extra scratch under the chin to let him or her know how wonderful they are and how much they bring to your life every day.

Not that they don’t know it very well already.

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