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09/17/2009 21:30:18 PM by Seiren   Send Message to Seiren  2415  views, category: Pet pack life view all blogs

My step-dad Wayne got a big surprise a few days before his birthday: a dachshund puppy. Like I mentioned in a previous post, we tragically lost Peanut, the dachshund that my brothers and I grew up with. 

Wayne had no idea that he was going to get a puppy. My brother John and his fiancée Kaylee had picked out a puppy which was the half sister of the one they owned. Wayne knew that Kaylee was bringing her puppy, so when he was presented with his puppy, he first thought it was Kaylee's.

 When Kaylee told him that the puppy was his, he was a little in shock, but immediately took to the cuddly little fluffball.

I asked Wayne what he was going to name her, and he was drawing a blank, so I mentioned how he had always said he loved the girl's name "Gracie."
"Well," he said. I think that might just be it." And Gracie she became. 

John said that Gracie's breeder thought Gracie would be a tough puppy to sell because she was "too docile," but that little girl seemed right at home. She explored and played and loved human contact. She even held her own against her half-sister Annie who was almost twice her size, as they wrestled and played all weekend.

Since Gracie's the first puppy my parents have had inside their home, they are new to the whole potty training routine. When she's confined at night in her play area, she goes to the bathroom on her puppy pad just like she's supposed to, but when let out, she goes everywhere. My mom wants her trained on puppy pads only, because she can't go outside until she gets the rest of her shots.

 Have you ever potty trained a puppy and experienced this type of behavior? If so, how did you help your puppy overcome it?

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Thanks. My parents are really happy.
Posted by Seiren on Saturday, 09/19/2009, 00:17AM


Congratulations on the new addition!!!

Posted by lisab on Friday, 09/18/2009, 13:43PM

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