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One of the fastest growing health problems in dogs is obesity. There are quite a few reasons for pet obesity. The most important reasons for obesity in pets are over eating and lack of physical exercise. Your pet is possibly overweight because of YOU! With that said, there are several other reasons and it includes:

·         metabolism issues

·         chronic illnesses

·         Hormonal problems

On the other hand, meager diet and lack of exercise are the two most common reasons for dog obesity!

In view of the fact that obese dogs and cats are prone to diseases like arthritis and heart disease, it is the duty of the pet owner to take great care of it. Giving them a nutritious and proper diet is vital.

When you are shopping for a good dog food make sure that you are following the steps mentioned below…

·         Natural fats and oils

·         Lower carbohydrates

·         Formulated from a named (non-generic) animal source

·         Free of animal or vegetable by-products

·         No artificial flavoring, coloring or preservatives

·         vitamins and minerals rich food

You can take up the advice of your vets when you want to feed the best diet for your dogs. Developing healthy habits with your pets helps contribute to their overall growth and development.

How to know the ideal weight of your pet? Your pet is at its ideal weight if you can feel its ribs, but can't see them.

With all that said, it is vital to have a regular check up and follow regular exercises, off all make sure that you keep your pooch happy.

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