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You can never have too much identification for your dog. My own personal gang is identified six ways to Sesame Street. They are micro-chipped, tattooed, wear their rabies tags, and now, thanks to Pet ID for Me, sport a tag with all of their information, as well as their picture. As most dog lovers, our pets are our family. If anything unforeseen happens and they get lost or stolen, we want to make certain they find their way back home.

Pet ID for Me, a company started by animal enthusiasts, Jason Harnum and Andrew Gallagher, offers unique photo ID tags for dogs and cats. The tags carry all of the pet’s information including name, address, phone number, height, weight, color of their eyes, and even birthday, to match their owner’s own personal identification card. Like mini drivers licenses, (without the actual privilege of course) they offer an alternative to the same old metal inscribed tags typically adorning Fido’s collar; not to mention, they are a lot less noisy.

Ophellia's new accessory helps keep her safe 

The best part about of this California-based company is that they also lend a hand to the rescue community, not just in their area, but across the United States. Pet Id for Me donates 25% of the sale on every tag to a rescue organization, when the purchase is made through that organizations web site. They currently work with SPCALA, Sacramento SPCA, SPCA of Reno, El Paso Humane Society, and the Humane Society of Tampa, to name a few.

Charlotte will now be on the beneficial end of Jason and Andrew’s entrepreneurial creativity, as they are looking to join forces with local rescues in the Queen City to donate to as well. If you want to suggest a rescue in your area for the program, email Jason at

The Pet ID for Me web site is very easy to navigate and allows you to create and order your dog’s personalized tag in a matter of minutes. You select your state, enter the information you would like included, and upload your favorite picture of your fur baby.

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