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Each year, across the United States, approximately 2.5 million pets are stolen from backyards, cars, and through the use of “animals free to a good home” newspaper advertisements.  These animals are often nabbed by unscrupulous people and organizations that then sell the stolen animal to medical facilities and testing laboratories for biomedical experimentation, which is not only painful, but extremely cruel and abusive.  Many of these wonderful pets die in great pain and alone.



Because these stolen pets are used for medical experimentation, government departments, universities, medical schools, hospitals, the USDA, and other organizations, often unknowingly, encourage pet theft by purchasing these stolen animals.  In fact, with biomedical studies on the rise, many government departments and administration offices turn a blind eye to this growing problem and do not mentor out any sort of punishment, or minimal punishment, even after repeated violations leaving these loving animal subject to dire consequences.


How to Protect “Your” Pets from Bio-Medical Experimentation


• Keep your pet inside when you are away

• Never leave your pet alone when in the backyard

• Properly identify your pet – implanted chip, leg tattoo, and collar

• Be observant – watch for strange people and cars in your neighbourhood

• Call the police if you suspect someone may be a thief

• Lock your gate and place a motion activated sound device near it

• Never let your pet run loose

• Make others aware of pet theft and what to look for

• Never leave your pet unattended

• Always check a new owners home before releasing your pet

• Avoid newspaper advertisements “Free to Good Home”

• Use bulletin boards at pet stores and vet’s offices to find homes

• Get an adoption contract signed before placing your pet in a new home

• Spay or neuter your animals, as labs usually will not take these

• Don’t give your pets away for free – charge to discourage

• Request proof of ownership when returning a stray pet

• If posting lost animal notices, note the animal needs medical attention

• Observe what is happening in your neighbourhood – be watchful


Today, there are several organizations that are working for the welfare and protection of stolen pets.  For additional information, visit any of the following websites and learn how to keep your beloved pet cuddled safely in your arms.


In the United States:

In Canada:

Each province has its own division of the Human Society.

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