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Summer is approaching and new puppies are coming into the clinic for vaccination, worming, and wellness checks.

Parvo virus is the most dangerous viral disease of young dogs. Puppies need 2-3 vaccines at 3 weeks to one month apart and more importantly for the last vaccine to be administered at or after 4 months of age. Just a couple vaccines will save a life and cost hundreds less than treatment. You can’t afford not to. If things are tight, buy the vaccine on line or at a pet store.

Socialization is very important at this age. A puppy needs to learn etiquette from other dogs. A young dog can be introduced to friendly adult dogs in a safe environment to learn to “play with others”. Vaccinated adult dogs do not catch parvo. Therefore, they won’t spread it to their eager “students”. The pups will learn when enough is enough, and can learn other valuable lessons from their wise neutered tutors

Puppies can eat a variety of healthful foods so that their digestive system becomes accustomed to multiple sources. This is a healthier way to feed and supplies needed oils and vitamins to their diet

Check out for more info on flea treatment and dental care. Feeding a healthier diet often will prevent obesity, diabetes, and other chronic skin, ear, and bowel problems. My book Dog Dish Diet can be purchased there for half the price of an veterinary office visit

About the author: I love animals and their bond with us. My new book Dog Dish Diet: Sensible Nutrition for Your Dog's Health is out and available on my website ( ). I have been an animal lover my whole life. As a teenager, I worked at a pet sh... more >>

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Taking care of your Dogs is very necessary. They must get regular vaccines. Most people use Worming Tablets for Dogs which can be used once in 3 months.

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