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Early in my dog-walking career, I made the mistake of answering my cell phone while walking a dog. My charge, a Golden Lab named Bella stopped in her tracks, looked back at me and proceeded to turn into a completely different animal, pulling on her lead, refusing to cross the street. Bella did not like the phone and she especially didn’t like to be ignored during what she considered her time. She was right, so I hung up the phone and she returned to her happy well-behaved self.
If your dogs are anything like the three I have at home or any of the fifteen I walk on a regular basis, they wait all day for their time with you.  They have to compete with work, social functions, children and possibly other pets, not to mention a significant other. All these things can make your dog feel like the least important element of your life. Since this particular element of our lives brings us so much joy and contentment, shouldn’t we all make the effort to make sure he has what he needs?
Getting off the phone while getting Fido out the door can really do amazing things for both of you. Fido feels like he has your attention and you are disconnecting from the world and reconnecting with your pooch. It’s a win-win situation for everyone and you may find yourself spontaneously giving Fido a belly rub in the park or talking nonsense with him, which we all know he loves.
You’ll also find over a short period that your dog is better behaved and more responsive when you’re not chatting away on your phone. He’ll take care of business quicker, cross the street with more energy and generally be better behaved, why? Because you’re making him a priority, and we all like to feel like a priority.

About the author: I am a professional dog walker and pet sitter. more >>

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