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Wish you could have a dog but have no way to? Maybe you live in an apartment that is not dog friendly or work so many hours you would feel bad keeping a dog at home alone for so long. There are options for you.

Option 1 - Dog Sharing
First, there is dog sharing, which means, for example, you and/or your family has a dog but end up being so busy you do not have enough time to really take care of it, so you split the pups time between you and a neighbor or relative who is available when you are not. Read more about this concept in the article Dog Sharing For A Green Living.

Option 2 - Rent a Dog
Another option is renting a dog. When the concept was first introduced a few years ago, it caused a slight controversy. On the one hand, it allows dogs that would otherwise be in a shelter or be euthanized to have a temporary home with a responsible, caring person. But on the other hand, it seems cruel to keep moving a dog from one person to another family then back to the kennel.

Overview - The Concept
There are companies, such as Flexpetz, that manage an array of rescue and shelter dogs then rent them to individuals who want to have a dog for a day. Most of the clients who rent a dog turn into repeat customers who rent the same dog over and over again.

The dogs are boarded in a high quality facility where they are treated like family. The individuals who want to rent the dogs pay an admission fee, are required to take a dog owners class, pay a monthly membership fee, and pay per day for the dog when they rent them.

When a client come in to rent a dog, they leave with the dog of their choice, enough food for the visit, and collars and leashes and/or carriers. Overall, the costs of rented a dog are about half of actually owning one.

Most of the dogs are also up for adoption to the people who rent them if the connection is strong enough or if the individual feels he or she is ready to take on full responsibility for the pet.

How Flexpetz Works

Here is a quick rundown on how the company Flexpetz works.

1. An individual decides he or she wants to rent a dog on a normal basis and goes to the local Flexpetz storefront location.
2. He or she signs up, paying the admission fee and is scheduled for  an hour long training session.
3. From there, there is a $120 monthly membership fee. Members are required to rent a dog at least 2 days each month to make sure there is some level of stability for the dog.
4. When the dog is taken home, his or her bed, bowls, leash, toys, prepackaged and premeasured food, treats, and dog waste bags.
5. Each dog has a high-tech microchip that not only allows the company to track the pup via GPS, but can also measure the temperature, which allows the company to make sure the dog is being kept in a comfortable environment and is not injured.
6. The dog is brought back at the end of the day where they can be in a comfortable, cage-free environment.

About the author: Kayleigh has always loved animals and has spent time volunteering at the local dog shelter. The love of her life is her four year old Rottweiler, Lizzie. She enjoys writing for since it combines her love of animals with one of her favor... more >>

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