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There are many lists out there of plants that are dangerous or even fatal to pets, but very few list the plants that are safe to have around cats and dogs. So what plants can you keep in your house to help make it look bright and beautiful that will also not be harmful should Fluffy decide to snack on it? This list contains just a few of those common houseplants that are less harmful for pets. You can find a full listing of safe and toxic plants at the ASPCA’s website,



African and other violets

American Rubber



Pitcher plants and Venus Flytraps

Canna Lily as well as some other varieties of lily (Easter Lilies are toxic to cats)

Many fern varieties including ponytail and feather ferns


Living Rock cactus

Christmas Cactus

Spider Plant


Wandering Jew

Zebra Plant

Squash varieties

Herbs, with the exception of catnip or mint, will be safe from most pets as they tend to avoid more pungent plants



Even though these plants are generally safe, you should monitor your pets and the plants as animals, like humans, can have an allergic reaction to a plant. Just to be safe, plants should be kept out of reach of pets or, if they are in reach, be sure that your pet doesn’t eat the entire plant. Too much of anything, even a non-toxic plant, can lead to problems down the road.



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