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Knowing the safe plants for your dogs is essential for you to be able to ensure the safety of your dogs. There are a lot of plants to choose from, all you have to do is to know what these plants are.

Dogs are one of the most popular pets that one can have at home, but some people think that having a dog means not having plants around the house. Fortunately, you can add some greenery to your home without worrying about your dogs. The reason behind this is because of the numerous pet friendly plants that you can grow in your garden or even add some plants inside your home.

Below are some of the safe plants for your dogs that you can grow or add to your home:

Acorn Squash - Acorn squash can produce squash that is sweet. It can easily be grown from its seed. Before planting the acorn squash, it would be best to plow the soil using a rototiller or even a small tiller to help expand the soil. Once done, you can start planting the seeds and wait for 80 to 90 days before harvesting them. This plant is safe for dogs, wherein you and even add it to your dog's diet.

Bamboo Palm - One of the best plants that you can add in your house is bamboo palm. The reason behind this besides that it is considered as pet-friendly is that it can also help the air in your home to be purified. Easily manage your plant by watering it to keep the soil moist at all times, just make sure to drain the water properly each time you water the plants.

Echeveria - Echeveria is one of the best plants that you can add to a home decor. The good thing about this type of plant is that it is drought-tolerant, which means that you don't have to water them often. Take care of this plant by keeping the soil moist and providing it with light.

Ponytail Palm - Ponytail palm has leaves that are thin, while the trunks are long and think. The trunk of this plant can store water, which means that it can survive without watering for quite a long time.

Calathea - Calathea has foliage that is colorful and can grow to a medium size plant. At night, the leaves are closer; wherein they are like folded in prayer. The plant can survive indoors with high light and only requires a moderate amount of water. It can grow up to 2 feet and can spread up to 1 to 2 feet in width.

These are some of the plants that you can grow or add inside your home without worrying about your dogs. Your dogs might see some of these plants as toys, but you can always discipline them for them to know that plants can’t be played. In this way, they will be aware that they should avoid going near around your plants.

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