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It is far more common to read about dogs biting humans, but humans have also been known to bite dogs. Since the start of the millenium, there have been at least four headline making news stories about humans biting dogs.

First there was a case in San Francisco in 2000, where a man was arrested not once, but twice for biting his dog. He claimed it was his way of disciplining his dog, although other people believe he took it too far.

The second case happened in 2009 in Minneapolis. A woman bite a pitbull on its nose after she was unable to pull that dog away from her labrador retriever.

In 2010, a man in West Haven, CT was arrested for biting a police dog after it had already clamped onto his arm. The man had struggled with the dog before biting it. The man reportedly would not let go until the police officer pulled him away.

The most recent case involves a woman who started biting her family bulldog during a domestic dispute. She was arrested this week on multiple charges including animal cruelty, domestic battery, and underage drinking. It was reported that the women started by biting her mother before she started biting the dog on its back multiple times. When the police arrived, they said the bite marks were clearly visible.

As the Daily Beast stated, “The bulldog finally did bite her back in self-defense,” but “There were no charges against the dog.”

These human biting dog news stories show us the other side of dog biting incidents. It is not always the dog who should be blamed. Humans can be just liable.

This is a legal gray area. Since there are not that many cases of humans biting dogs, it is not clear what the procedure or what legal action should be taken. In the 2000 case, the man argued in court that he was disciplining his dog in the most natural way, as if he were the dog’s mother.

He argued that he did nothing more than the dog’s mother would do in the wild. However, he is not the mother or father, and holding a dog so it is pinned to the ground is not viewed as an acceptable form of punishment by most people. Witnesses claimed they heard sounds as if the dog was being killed.

Hopefully we will not have to hear about any additional cases of humans biting dogs. We are supposed to be the more intelligent species, after all.

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