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Shopping can be lots of fun, or it can be no fun at all, depending on what you're doing. Whenever you run errands, shopping isn't usually too thrilling, and you aren't along if you want to get that kind of shopping with as soon as possible. If, however, you're doing fun shopping, you want the trip to be fun and stress free, so you can fully enjoy your shopping. Regardless of what kind of shopping you're doing, you should know to always leave your pet at home. Pets can really just throw off your shopping groove, and make everything more frustrating and time consuming.



Sometimes shopping can take up the whole day, and that's not fun, but the fact that it takes up a whole day should be no reason for you to take your pet along. If you take your pet along for the trip, you could end up shopping for so much longer, and it could easily add unneeded stress to your trip. If you're running errands, you don't want to waste time getting the dog ready for a trip in the car, and then have to worry about it being in the car while you are in the store shopping.  Even worse is when you take your pet into the store with you. This is not productive, and will only result in frustration for you, your pet, and the workers in the stores. Whatever you do, you should never take your pet into the store with you. (Now, dogs for service purposes, like seeing-eye dogs, are different entirely.)


If you're going on a leisurely and fun shopping trip, then you also don't want your pet coming along for the ride. The reasons for this are pretty much the same as they are for not wanting to take your dog with you to run errands. If you do take your pet, then you shouldn't ever take it into the store with you, but then you'll constantly have the fact that your pet is just sitting in your car lingering in the back of your mind. When you go shopping for fun, you want it to be fun, so don't add any detail that could take away from the relaxation of that needed break.


For your pet's sake, you should never take your pet shopping with you. Pets get bored just sitting in the car all day, and they get too curious if you unwisely take them inside with you. Either way, taking your pet shopping with you is not a good idea. Just leave the pet at home and everyone will be much happier!

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