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Pet Tech Gadget Review - Pet Pooch Power System

Here is a gadget any dog owner can appreciate. It is the Pet Pooch Power System, a specialized vacuum for picking up dog messes.   &nbs...  Read More

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06/12/2016 18:34:02 PM, by Admin 492 views, Category: Pet career and businesses, Pet toys and treats , Pet stuff to chew on View All Blogs
Customized Dog Food Providing customizable pet food for all life stages with the option of adding name creation and photo to the bag itself. Have fun with it and your pet will be barking for more when they see themselves on the product! Read More
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11/07/2014 14:04:24 PM, by Christopher100000113483622 753 views, Category: Pet technology and gadgets View All Blogs
The Petunia Pet App We just launched the Petunia iPad app for recording and sharing your pet health information! It's free to download and available on the Apple App Store at: More
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10/16/2014 13:50:36 PM, by mbrousse 1093 views, Category: Pet technology and gadgets View All Blogs
Pawly Pawly is a mobile robotic device that let's you check up on your pet when you are at work or away. Controlled by a smartphone, tablet or computer. See Pawly has a camera, mic and speaker to let you interact. Also available are accesories such as a treat dispenser. We are in an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and it is c...Read More
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07/31/2014 08:57:11 AM, by nicolareynor 1609 views, Category: Pet toys and treats  View All Blogs
6 Must-have Dog Products to Keep Your Pooch Pleased Pet owners indulge their pooches like their children. They do not mind showering them with lavish attention. From extravagant dog accessories, spa and grooming sessions, expensive play toys, to the best dog food, pet dogs are a pampered tribe. Dogs are, essentially, simple creatures and you don’t necessarily have to go all out and s...Read More
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10/28/2013 08:26:13 AM, by Peticub 1938 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance, Purrfect pet health and beauty tips, Pet toys and treats , Pet play and fitness View All Blogs
Perfect and best diet for obese dogs One of the fastest growing health problems in dogs is obesity. There are quite a few reasons for pet obesity. The most important reasons for obesity in pets are over eating and lack of physical exercise. Your pet is possibly overweight because of YOU! With that said, there are several other reasons and it includes: ·   ...Read More
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07/27/2013 03:59:40 AM, by GoGoDogPals 2279 views, Category: Pet technology and gadgets View All Blogs
9 Awesome High-Tech Dog Accessories If you’re a technology-addicted dog owner, it might seem difficult to bridge these two areas of your life in an effective way. You could try getting a robot dog, or you could try to get your hands on one or two of these awesome high-tech dog accessories, which bring dog maintenance and ownership into the 21st century. Read More >>>Read More
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07/16/2013 04:49:57 AM, by GoGoDogPals 1678 views, Category: Pet toys and treats  View All Blogs
Go-Go Dog Pals Offering 15% Off and Free Shipping on Its Flagship Remote-Controlled Model Leading retailer of interactive dog exercise products provides fun summer fitness options for pets and owners. July 4th coupons for a day or two are so old fashioned, Go-Go Dog Pals with their out-of-box thinking are celebrating Independence Day this entire month. Looking forward to enhancing outdoor fun for pet owners this summer, Go-Go Dog ...Read More
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06/29/2013 05:33:23 AM, by GoGoDogPals 1677 views, Category: Pet toys and treats  View All Blogs
Meet Go-Go Dog Pal Giveaway Winner! First and foremost we would like to send out a big thank you to all who participated in our giveaway. We loved seeing all your furry friends on facebook, you great tweets on twitter, and you’re awesome boards on pinterest. We feel like we’re one big family. A big family that goes to Thanksgiving and overeats, watches foo...Read More
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06/27/2013 07:34:23 AM, by GoGoDogPals 3685 views, Category: Pet toys and treats  View All Blogs
Go-Go Dog Pals: Remote controlled toys for your dog to chase A stick, a ball, a rope with a knot tied on it, these are all tried and tested methods of entertaining and exercising dogs. But for some people, basic isn't always best … meet Go-Go Dog Pals, remote controlled pet toys designed to be chased by dogs while the owner takes the more leisurely option of controlling it with a remote. T...Read More
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06/19/2013 07:17:45 AM, by GoGoDogPals 1448 views, Category: Pet technology and gadgets View All Blogs
Go-Go Dog Pals Offering Free Shipping on its Flagship Model Seeing overwhelming response of happy dog owners through videos received, Go-Go Dog Pals has announced Free Shipping service on their interactive dog toy for limited time. Creatively made for dog exercise and play, Go-Go Dog Pal is a one-of-its-kind remote controlled toy that's durable and a perfect buddy for your furry friend. Holding a pri...Read More
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06/12/2013 08:54:48 AM, by GoGoDogPals 2720 views, Category: Pet toys and treats  View All Blogs
21st Century Dog Toy! How can you expect your dog to show any interest in a boring old tossed stick when you spend your time engrossed with a cutting-edge smartphone? Man's best friend deserves something a little more 21st century, and even we'd be excited to chase around this Go-Go Dog Pal RC toy. Unlike a stick, which only travels as fast and far as ...Read More
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05/23/2013 05:08:57 AM, by GoGoDogPals 1208 views, Category: Pet toys and treats  View All Blogs
Go-Go Dog Pal Giveaway Round 2 Here's another chance to win interactive dog toy (worth $229.99) for your canine friend. Just complete the fun tasks and get entry into the contest. Visit Go-Go Dog Pals Blog to participate. Read More
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02/19/2013 22:08:47 PM, by K.T.Riffic 3871 views, Category: Purrfect pet styles and fashion, Purrfect pet health and beauty tips, Pet technology and gadgets, Pet stuff to chew on View All Blogs
Keep Your Cat Warm This Winter With K&H And Yeepet Does your cat cuddle up with the base heater or radiator? Cats do love to keep warm and tend to find the hottest place in the room to take a nap. Give your cat a warm safe place in a stylish way. The K&H heated cat products are sure to be the perfect combination of heat, comfort, and style that you and your cat will love. The Kitt...Read More
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12/19/2012 19:55:44 PM, by K.T.Riffic 2990 views, Category: Pet technology and gadgets, Pet gaming, Pet holidays: Christmas View All Blogs
8 iPad Games For Cats Did you know that your cat can now fill his own homescreen on your iPad with games designed just for him? It’s true. Today, we will show you eight apps that are designed just for cats. Games for Cats by Nate Murray Cats love to hunt and chase anything from laser light dots to larger prey. Games for Cats features a number of “c...Read More
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12/17/2012 05:52:02 AM, by Admin 1974 views, Category: Pet toys and treats  View All Blogs
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Treat Each of Your Dogs Differently You may be a dog lover, and you wish to have a dog or two as your pet. But, don’t be under the misunderstanding that dogs are easy to raise and nurture. You may keep an adorable Golden Retriever or a beautiful Afghan Hound, but don’t assume that the needs of all are the same. Just as each kid is different and has their own tastes and...Read More
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12/16/2012 22:45:20 PM, by K.T.Riffic 1778 views, Category: Pet technology and gadgets, Pet toys and treats , Pet gaming, Pet holidays: Christmas View All Blogs
High Tech Presents For Your Pet This Year Still trying to figure out what to get your pet for Christmas? High tech gifts are on trend for this holiday season. Although, they might be more for the pet parents more than the pets. Microchips and GPS Collars If your pet is not microchipped, maybe this holiday season is the time to get it done. If your pet becomes lost, the chances of b...Read More
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12/11/2012 23:14:20 PM, by K.T.Riffic 4189 views, Category: Pet pack life, Purrfect pet health and beauty tips, Pet technology and gadgets View All Blogs
4 Helpful Resources For Pet Owners Anything you ever wanted to know (and many things you did not) can be found on the Internet these days. When you need to know something about your pet, one of the first places you turn to is your phone. Read 8 iPhone Apps For Pet Owners or 10 Android Apps To Help Manage Your Pets for information on which apps are the most helpful. The oth...Read More
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11/20/2012 21:37:56 PM, by K.T.Riffic 10865 views, Category: Pet pack life, Pet technology and gadgets View All Blogs
Pet Tech - Pet 'n Place Restraining System For Pets On The Go Or At Home Are you tired of crating your dog or locking him in another room each time someone comes over to your home? Do you wish there was some way you could restrain your dog so they could join in on the fun and so you could show him off to your friends and family without the worry? If your dog tends to get excited around visitors, you might feel...Read More
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09/19/2012 21:40:24 PM, by K.T.Riffic 4348 views, Category: Petivities, Pet technology and gadgets, Pet toys and treats  View All Blogs
4 Types of Crazy Dog Toys Would you buy your dog a toy that will make him look like he has a mustache? Maybe you already have that one. How about a toy that looks like roadkill? There is quite a selection of dog toys out there to chose from these days. From the more tame to the very strange, there is certainly something for every dog. Below are four of the more unusu...Read More
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09/06/2012 20:32:36 PM, by K.T.Riffic 8492 views, Category: Pet shopping guides, Purrfect pet styles and fashion, Pet technology and gadgets View All Blogs
Introducing Litterfish - The Cat Litter Box Shaped Like A Fish Cat lovers rejoice! The new Litterfish cat litter box is now available and ready to make that ugly litter box a thing of the past. Introducing the Litterfish, a beautiful litter box that is shaped like a fish. Why a fish? Why not? Cats love fish, so it makes since to decorate their bathroom in this style. Besides, how amusing would it be to ...Read More
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