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It recent times, the holiday season has become the Gadget Gifts Season – the hotter the tech the better, and gifts for pets and their people have not been left behind in that trend. These are some of the most popular gizmos for 2011, as listed by Fox News and If you order online right away with express shipping or find them in stores, there’s still time to get them before Christmas!

iPad Game for Cats
- A very popular app for the iPad, cats seem to be crazy about it. The laser pointer level is free, but there is a charge for the mouse game.  What happens is that the laser dot or mouse moves around the screen, and your cat chases it. When they touch it, it jerks away to another place, encouraging the hunting instinct. On the mouse level, the mouse squeaks when your cat touches it! There’s a hilarious demonstration video on the manufacturer’s website that includes big cats playing the game and loving it! Rated 4 Stars on iTunes!

Garmin Astro Dog Tracking Collar
- While these collars may be a little expensive, you can’t put a price tag on the peace of mind of knowing if your dog runs away, you’ll easily be able to track him or her by GPS. The system is created especially for hunting dogs, so if your pet runs off into dense forest or undergrowth, the signal will still be just as strong. Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars on

FroliCat Dart - This one is a classic. The laser dot on the wall or the floor seems to set any cat into crazy freak out mood! The FroliCat is an automated version of this old favorite, which moves the light all over the place for a set amount of time, leaving you free to do something else. Don’t forget that experts say that it’s important when playing laser games to give your cat something when you’re done so they have a sense that they actually caught something. The laser game can be really frustrating for them, otherwise.  Gets 5 stars from customers at Brookstone!

My Pet Speaker by Pet Acoustics – We might think our pets enjoy our music just the way we do, but their sensitive ears make it a different experience for them, and not always a pleasant one. The My Pet Speaker helps disseminate sound in a way that we can still enjoy, but that won’t hurt Fluffy or Fido’s ears! Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 100 Brilliant Ideas for 2010!

Petmate LeBistro Automatic Feeder - If you can’t be home at every meal time, or your pet is on a special schedule that’s difficult to remember, Le Bistro can be a lifesaver! It delivers portion controlled meals at times that you program. Rated 5 Stars at Petco!

Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain – One of the most important factors in keeping our pets health is making sure they’re adequately hydrated. We can change their water a few times a day, but if we work outside the home, it’s difficult to keep it fresh. While some fountains have to be attached to a faucet, this one doesn’t, giving you the ability to keep it anywhere in the house.  The pump is silent, but provides the waterfall style that pets enjoy. 5 Stars at Petco!

Dyson Animal Vacuum - Unfortunately, our furry and feathered babies are just that: furry and feathered. They leave a mess everywhere in the form of hair, dander, and/or feathers. It’s tough work to keep up with cleaning after them. Dyson has created a vacuum especially meant to address pet mess problems, including a stronger motor and special bristles to clean up after our special family members. Dysan also makes a special Pet Hair Accessory to groom your own pet! Rated 4.5 Stars by Shoppers at QVC.

Litter Robot - As much as we adore our felines, nobody enjoys kitty litter duty. This space-aged looking machine has a globe shaped top, and after the cat is done its business, it rotates, sifting out clumps and dumping them in a drawer below. All you have to do is pull out the drawer, and voila! Clean box! Rated 4.5 Stars and One of the Most Popular Holiday Pet Gifts on!

Paul Frank Edition MinusA2 Air Purifier – Some people can’t do without pets even if they do have allergies! It’s the hair and dander that causes a problem, so while you can certainly just take medication, an air purifier can really help the situation. While your standard issue unit can be a little ugly, how about a classic Paul Frank Julius the Monkey piece to clean your air and your sinuses? Rated 5 Stars by Rabbit Air Consumers!

High Tech Pet Door - Pet Doors are a good way to give Fluffy or Fido a way to go outside without you having to let them out, but unfortunately, they’re also a great way to let unwanted visitors like possums, raccoons, and uninvited neighborhood pets access as well. The Power Pet Electronic pet door uses a chip on your pet’s collar, so that the door only allows them to come in and out. 4.5 Stars by Amazon Shoppers.

There’s nothing as fun as giving something new that makes your pet or pet people’s world a little brighter. In this age of gadgets and gizmos, giving them an awesome gift is easier than ever! Even if you don’t make it for the holidays this year, these make great gifts or additions to your own pet home year round.

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