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The Bambino is easily one of the strangest cats ever bred. Their name is Italian for “baby”, and their likeness to human infants is startling. They have big heads, soft skin, a lack of hair, and stubby limbs. This, combined with Bambinos’ loose flaps of skin and their big ears, gives them an almost alien look. And that look was entirely intentional, as they were bred to feature several unique mutations.


The progenitors of the Bambino breed were the Sphynx and the Munchkin. In an experimental 2005 breeding, the Sphynx’s hairless gene and the Munchkin’s dwarf legs were combined in a littler of squat, naked kittens. However, the result was not an unhealthy animal. Unlike many meticulously bred cats, the Bambino is relatively free of genetic problems. And while they look extremely awkward, they can get around as well as any cat. Though their standard walk is a distinct and goofy waddle, Bambinos can run and jump with ferret-like speed and agility.


The Bambino’s look is extremely subjective, and while some may find them hideous, others will see the squat, naked cat as utterly adorable. Bambinos are highly recommended as family pets, as they are extremely energetic and affectionate, even if they have a strong mischievous streak that often leads people to compare them to monkeys. However, they might need more grooming maintenance than other cats, due to their lack of fur. Without any hair to absorb the oils of their skin, Bambinos will need to be bathed regularly. They should also be kept away from intense sunlight due to the risk of sunburns, and will need little sweaters to deal with cold weather. Of course, the sweater will make them look even more endearing.

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