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Adopting a disabled pet requires a lot of work, work that may seem overwhelming at first but well rewarded through their love. If you are thinking of adopting a pet with disabilities, you will need to arrange your home very carefully so they won’t hurt themselves when you are not around.

While these tips are certainly not all-inclusive, there are a few things you will need to take into consideration when redecorating beforehand, such as:

- Padding sharp corners if the pet is blind.
- Putting carpet down if they suffer from joint issues.
- Keeping a hard-wood floor for easier more mobility if they are missing a limb,
- Putting up barriers to your upstairs floors if they have limited mobility.
- Installing a ramp or small stairs if they have age-related problems.
- Un-installing a doggie door if you don’t want them to get out (which may be necessary if they have pet related dementia or other problems).
- Putting glass or other breakables out of reach.
- Keeping extra room in case you need to purchase special equipment.
- Keeping a safe place just for them in case you have guests, other pets, or children around.
- Purchasing health insurance at some point before or after adoption.
- Keeping potentially hazardous plants away.

While I haven’t had the pleasure of having a disabled pet yet, it has been one thing I have been interested in and researched. And if you love pets just as much as me, don’t let any disabilities intimidate you- do some research of your own and see if it’s the right choice for you. 


About the author: I like many different kinds of things- traveling, eating new kinds of food, running, and I love writing as well! I work as a counselor currently, helping people with many kinds of issues. Previously, I had worked as a teacher and professor. more >>

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