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Giving pets human food is almost never a good idea, and can often be outright hazardous. Even though we eat many of the same meats that are found in pet foods, the way we prepare our food and the way they are suited to eating are worlds apart. A particularly dangerous example is turkey, and unfortunately, next week will see quite a lot of Thanksgiving turkey floating around America's tables.

Many pet foods have turkey as a component, but the turkey we eat is hazardous for animals. Our turkey is extremely high in fat by their standards, and is hard for their stomachs to break down. Even a small portion can cause pancreatitis, which can lead to severe digestive problems that will be painful and expensive to treat. And similar to chicken, turkey also leaves behind fragments of bone that can become choking hazards.

As difficult as it may seem, especially with their adorable begging, pets must be kept away from human foods. It is easiest simply to keep them out of the kitchen and dining rooms, to eliminate risk that guests will feed them by accident. And before letting them back in, the rooms should be cleaned thoroughly so no unwanted pieces of food remain on the floors, tables, or chairs.

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