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Keeping track of your pet or pets can be a hassle. iPhone apps that can keep track of your pet become especially important. You are responsible to have and know all of their information since they cannot do it themselves. And it is always good to know or at a minimum, have a record of all their information.

Things to Keep Track of

Before stopping to think about it, it would seem that there is not that much to keep track of. But stop and think for just a minute, and be surprised at what comes to mind. There are vaccination records, veterinary phone numbers and addresses (and office hours are always good to know), pet sitter’s names and contact information, a description of any sicknesses or injuries, surgeries, allergies, and more.

Why Keep Track

Just as we keep track of our own and our children’s basic and medical information, it is important to keep track of pet’s information for a variety of reasons. If an injury occurs, say a car accident, the vet has to know if the pet is allergic to any medications or if he or she has been injured before. In the case of a lost pet, it is important to have all the basic information, such as height, weight, coloring and markings available as quickly as possible to get the information out immediately.

How to Keep Track

Before the iPhone, pet owners had to keep track of their pet’s information either on their home computer or on paper. This method of information tracking only works if you actually take the time to do it. In today’s fast paced, Internet centered world, this is no longer the best way. If the information is needed right away or in the case of an emergency, having access to it is very limited if it is keep at home in a file.

Fortunately, there are a few iPhone apps that are either free or almost free that do a great job of keeping all of your pet’s information in one, easy to access place.

Pet Phone


This app features a user friendly interface and shows each pet’s information in an easy to read format. Pet Phone is a popular app for pet parents with iPhones because it is so fun to use and records all the information you will need to know.

Pet Dossier

Pet Dossier is an app that is bright and cheery, making it easy to use. The user friendly interface makes setting up, editing, and viewing each pet’s profile a breeze. A unique feature of this app is the ability to email and backup/restore the information. With these features, it is easy to send your pet sitter all of the information they will need to know about your pet and you can rest assured that the information you enter will not be lost if the phone is lost or damaged.

Paw Card

Not only does the Paw Card app record all of your pet’s information, it has a journal feature that allows the pet parent to keep track of those oddities that have no other place to be recorded. This would be useful for recording your pet’s odd birthmark that would be helpful for identification purposes.

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