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Like human beings, cats can also be ill tempered. Hyperactive cats can get into trouble, hurt themselves and scare off guests that you may have invited over for lunch. There are many causes of destructive behaviour in cats. Cats normally show signs of hyperactivity when she:

·         Gnaws at your leather sofas or new cushions
·        Drops things on the floor as she jumps on every piece of furniture in your living room
·         Tries to bite your baby's feet and claws at you
·         Eats the new electric wiring
·         Meows all through the night
·        Starts scratching the new veneer of your bedroom door, while you plan to call it a day and go to bed

If you also have an extremely energetic cat, you can opt following five methods to expend her energy in a positive way.

1. You can get another cat to play with your hyper active cat. Having a friend to run around the house with, and play games will bring down the energy of your cat a few notches.

2. You can purchase toys for your feline friend that tire her out, and help her to play with them. Furthermore, look those things that she can chase around and jump up, as these are positive ways to expend some of her energy.

3. You can also buy a cat tree for her to play on. If she loves to look out the window, you can place the tree near to the window so that she can climb up the tree and see what is going on outside. Climbing up and down the tree will tire her out.

4. You can place dry cat food in toys that are made to hold cat food. When you will give her the toy at dinner time, she will work hard to get it out of the toy. It will expend a lot of her energy, and tire her out.

5. You can also hold frequent play sessions that imitate hunting activities in order to disperse some energy of your feline friend. Make sure that the play should be challenging and fun for your cat.


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