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We all think our pet is unique, each cat and dog has his own personality traits and quirks. But, some people have more unique pets than others! Today, it's time to run through a list of the ten weirdest pets.


1. Flying Squirrels. These two to four ounce animals will bond with their owners very well, assuming the owners are willing to carry the squirrel around in a pouch. The nocturnal animal eat mostly nuts, vegetables, meal worms, hard boiled eggs and moths.


2. Wide Mouthed Frogs. Like other frogs, these are aquatic animals. They need big tanks with plenty of water and lots of food. If you are squeamish about feeding your frog creepy crawly bugs, you may want to consider a different pet.


3. Hawks. These avian pets are considered birds of prey, and will probably require a permit or special permission to own. Birds of prey are a big commitment because they need to be trained in a specific way. These birds are not willing to sit in a cage and sing; they are made for eating other birds, mice and rabbits.


4. Butterflies. While butterflies are not the most common pet, they are probably the easiest member of our "weird pets list" to care for and obtain. You can purchase butterfly larvae from a number of sources, follow the instructions that come with the larvae and watch them transform before your eyes. Just be prepared to let the butterflies go when they mature.


5. Skunk. Imagine the look on your guests face when a skunk comes waddling out of your bedroom during a dinner party! These unusual animals can have their scent sacks removed and will then make great pets. Skunks are very active and curious -- be prepared to find household items in the animal's bed!


6. Chinchilla. These little rodents grow to about ten to fourteen inches long, with a six inch long tail. Chinchillas are great small animals, because they can live up to 22 years and are more cuddly than other tiny animals. Be warned, chinchillas are nocturnal animals, need a consistent routine, like cool environments and require dust baths.


7. Bees. Many people keep bees to harvest and sell their honey, but you can keep the insects around your home as well. As long as you provide the bees with a dedicated space and plenty of flowers, they will be happy.


8. Scorpions. Another insect pet, scorpions are always ready for battle with their pincers and tail stinger. If you want to keep these creepy insects, make sure their cage is warm and humid. If you are brave, you can handle your scorpions as long as the insects feel comfortable.


9. Newts. These reptiles can be brightly colored and are fun to look at in an aquarium tank. If you want newts, get a 20 gallon tank that has plenty of space for land areas, shelters and filtered water. These pets will eat mostly dried worms that you can buy at a pet store.


10. Komondor. Now, I realize this is a dog but it's a pretty unique dog! The signature wool-like dreadlocks for fur have to make you smile whenever you look at the floppy creature. These animals were first bred to be working dogs in Hungary, but now they make very loyal pets for people around the world.


That's my list! Are there any pets I missed -- or do you think you own the most unique pet out there? Let me know!

About the author: When I'm not cuddling with my kitten, I am a runner, chef-in-training and writer. I enjoy running half marathons and learning how make delicious meals. more >>

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Skunk is interesting. Even though they have their scent sacks removed, you can probably smell it anyway. I wonder why no one has a racoon as their pet. We have racoons in our neighborhood and see them often. They look really cute!

Posted by honorine on Saturday, 10/30/2010, 15:25PM

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