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Often considered an introductory pet, fish are very suitable pets for kids. Fish require far less attention and looking after when compared to bigger pets, such as cats or dogs. But this doesn’t mean that they should be neglected in any way. Owning a pet fish can teach your kid some responsibility and obligations. They come in various shape and sizes, which can be really fun for kids, and having a fish tank in their room can have a soothing effect. But not all types of fish are suitable for kids, some require more maintenance than others. Here are some suggestions to help you decide which fish is suitable for your kid.


One of the most popular starter fish would be the Betta, also known as Siamese fighting fish. This type of fish requires almost zero maintenance, and its survival rate goes so far that it can even survive in a jelly jar. This is the only type of fish that doesn’t require a water filter or a heater in their water tank, nor do they require spacious tanks. Although they do require to have a quarter of their water changed once per week. You can even have different species of fish in the same tank with bettas. But not a male of the same species, they will fight with each other. Sometimes they will not get along with a female of the same species.


Tetras make perfect beginner fish. You will also have fun watching them since they have bright colors and are quite active. They are not large in size; this means that you can have several of them in a small tank. Also opposed to bettas, tetras aren’t as hostile to their own species. They will go well in groups of three to five. They are known to live peacefully with not only their kind, but also other community fish. Since they are tropical fish, they will require you to equip your fish tank with accessories such as a heater or a filter. Tetras enjoy habitats with a lot of plants. So have fun picking out some plants to make your water tank more colorful and enjoyable for your tetras.


Probably the most famous type of fish, goldfish are also an easy pet when it comes to maintenance. Even though they are a tropical fish, they don’t require a heater. But if you put goldfish in your aquarium, you are limiting yourself to just that species. You won’t be able to mix them with other tropical species since all other require a heater whereas goldfish don’t. Goldfish come in a great variety of shapes and colors. We have lion heads, which have a spongy growth on their heads. Fantails are known for their forked tails. Celestials are easily recognizable because their eyes look up.


This type of fish is also considered a community fish. They can live peacefully with other tropical species without any problems. They are not delicate or difficult to maintain. They do require somewhat bigger water tanks. Not less than 75 liters, since they can grow up to 6 inches in length. Putting your angelfish in the same tank with adults isn’t a great idea since adults can be very aggressive.

These are just some of the fish species that are easy to maintain and make a great starter pet. But you should still do your research on your other options, and always check with your kid first. After all they are the ones that will be taking care of the fish.


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