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Cats are a favorite pet for many people, but pet owners may not realize just how many outrageous cat myths are available! Whether you think your cat should be drinking cow's milk or that she will always land on her feet, it is time to start debunking these popular cat myths.


1. Cats should have cows milk. Milk is not recommended for kittens to drink every day as it can cause upset stomachs, and can even make your kitten dehydrate. Your adult cat should not need milk; but if he does, only feed him milk that is specially formulated for cats. Cow's milk is difficult for your cat to digest, much in the same way it is for lactose-intolerant people to digest.


2. Cats must be at least six months old to be spayed or neutered. This one I believed until I got my last kitten. She was just four months old and she was already spayed! With the anesthesia options available today, cats can be desexed when they are as young as eight weeks.


3. Cat fur causes allergies. Allergens are actually found in your cat's skin, not his fur. When the cat bathes himself, he will cause the allergens to become sticky and attach to his fur. As he naturally sheds, the allergens will attach to dust mites, clothing and furniture. All cat breeds can cause allergies. If you are severely allergic to cats, do not consider shaving your cat, as this will not make your allergies go away!


4. Cats always land on their feet. This should not be a difficult myth to debunk. Cats will likely right themselves in mid-air given the opportunity, but if your cat falls from a short distance he will not have enough time to do so. These falls can cause serious injury, so please make sure there are as few "falling opportunities" in your home as possible.


5. Cats are perfect for busy people. While cats are more independent than dogs, your cat will still need attention and love. If you have a busy schedule, are out of the house for extended periods of time or travel frequently, you may want to consider another pet option.


If you have your heart set on getting a cat, consider getting two -- this way they will be able to keep each other company. Those are the cat myths that need to be debunked today! Are there any other outrageous myths you heard, or maybe some that you did not realize were untrue? Leave me a comment, I'd love to read about it!

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I totally agree on the last one. Cats can be very needy sometimes. My friend and I both have a very needy cat. They need a lot of attention and play time. My boy keeps meowing and coming to you if you don't play with him. I even tried Fling-am-string once but he didn't like it at all. He needs to interact with me! I have to play with him with the same string everyday (his favorite toy) over and over.

Posted by honorine on Saturday, 10/30/2010, 15:30PM

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