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Dogs are great, but some of their behavior is not. Here are 7 of the top behavioral problems dogs exhibit and some tips on how to stop them.

1. Begging
Dogs beg when they want (your) food. Even though it may be cute sometimes, it is still a bad habit. In order to get your dog to stop begging, start by not giving him any food. At first, this may lead to more begging, but after a few meals, he will start to get the picture.

2. Not coming when called
This is one behavior that could be deadly. When your dog heads somewhere he should not be, you should be able to call him back to safety. If you dog does not come when you call him, the worst thing you could do is chase him. Your dog is much faster and will win. Instead, try heading in the opposite direction and call to him. If your dog is still not getting it, try a sit or lay down command. Once he sits or is down, calmly go over to him.

3. Pulling on the leash
When a dog pulls on the leash during walks, it can turn a nice walk into a nightmare. In order to get your dog to stop pulling, realize that it may take some time. Each time your dog pulls even slightly, stop walking. Your dog will stop to wonder why you have stopped. Once your dog calms down and pays attention to you, give her praise and a treat. The most important tip is to be consistent.

4. Whining for attention
A whining dog who always gets a look, talked to, or attention learns that whining works. In order to stop this behavior, do not give in. Instead, turn your back, ignore her, or walk out of the room each time she whines. She will quickly learn that whining does not work.

5. Jumping on people
It seems some dogs simply cannot hold back their excitement when someone walks in the door. If you need to stop your dog from jumping to greet people, try telling him to sit at the first sign of a jump. You can also try ignoring your dog unless he has all four paws on the floor. It is also a good idea to leave the house and enter it in a nice, calm manner. Teach your dog that coming home is not a big deal.

6. Consistent barking
Barking constantly is a very difficult behavior to stop. You may have to work with a trainer to stop it. You can try making your dog sit before doing things such as going out for a walk or getting a treat.

7. Chewing on your things
Stop chewing early on. Make sure to keep things that may look appealing to chew on out of your dog’s reach. When your dog starts to chew on something, give him a safe dog bone to chew on instead.

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