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Having a stressed out cat can manifest itself in many ways- the dirty looks, meowing, or using your floors instead of their litter box all being common symptoms. Recognizing normal behavior from behavior that they don’t usually exhibit can also be a good indicator of internal or prolonged stress.

There are a few reasons your cat is probably stressed out. There are ways you can solve it, though, so you and your cat will be less stressed.


Lets face it, some times our cat are like our children. Just like children, cats need consistency and predictability. And for cats, change can be one of the leading causes for high stress levels.

Fix: As much as possible, give your cat a consistent schedule. This means feeding them at the same time, changing their litter boxes regularly and on time, and giving them a lot of love around the same time. I’ve personally noticed, giving cats a little exercise an hour or two before bed time helps them settle in for the night, every night.


Cats hate moving just as much as we do. Not only does it break their routine and comfortable schedule, it also means new territory for them and potential new dogs or cats they dislike.

Fix: No matter how you slice it or dice it, your cat will be stressed about moving, so the best way to ease the pain is to give them some consistency.


Unlike their canine companions, cats have a difficult time adjusting to large groups of people that are not usually around. The loud noises, unfamiliar scents, and new people can make them feel like their territory is being invaded.

Fix: Next New Years’ Party or Christmas gathering, or whenever you have a lot of people over, make sure there is a spot in your home that no-one will occupy that your cat can feel comfortable in. This may be an extra room or even your second floor. Make sure they have access to their food, water, and litter box.

Territory Threatened

By nature, cats love looking out windows. Unfortunately, this can also be a source of distress and stress for many cats. If they see other cats or dogs that are in your yard or that they are unfamiliar with, they will feel like the other animals are invading their territory- similar to being at a party at your house.

Fix: If your cat insists upon looking out the window, make sure to put them in a large comfortable window that wouldn’t offer any views of neighboring animals or pets. While looking at a big brick wall wouldn’t be as entertaining as looking at the birds, it will help their overall wellbeing. Just put a lot of their favorite toys/ perches near the new window and slowly start introducing them to the new scenery.


As cats are territorial, they may feel threatened by a new addition to the family. Even if it is just someone new in your life or a new pet, it can still be a source of stress for your cat.

Fix: Slowly start introducing the new addition to your cat. Also, make sure to try to keep their schedule as similar as possible during this time and giving them lots of extra love. Your cat may take a long time to come around, but don’t force them to be friendly- they will need to adjust on their schedule.

About the author: I like many different kinds of things- traveling, eating new kinds of food, running, and I love writing as well! I work as a counselor currently, helping people with many kinds of issues. Previously, I had worked as a teacher and professor. more >>

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