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There are many reasons to take your dog for a trip around town, to stores and parks. A socialized dog is one that is well behaved in the home as well as out and about. This means the dog will be less likely to jump on guests when they enter your home or act in the opposite way by running away to hide. By introducing your puppy or dog to different environments, you will help her to realize that there is no reason to get excited and also help to continue obedience training which is an ongoing, life-long lesson for both dog and owner.

Traditional dog obedience instructions should begin as soon as the puppy or dog enters the family home. Obedience commands such as 'sit', 'stay', 'come', 'heel' and 'leave it' are basic commands every dog should know, not only to make her a good dog, but for her safety.

When taking your dog out for a stroll, either around the neighborhood, at the local park or your local hardware store, a dog must be calm and well behaved to remain a visitor at the public place for any length of time. Begin by taking your dog to the local park, on a six-foot leather or vinyl leash, and preferably to a regular park without a lot of dogs. A dog park would encourage her to become excited and these first outings should be an exercise in control. Once your dog has mastered walking next to you or heeling, without pulling or trying to chase other dogs, squirrels, bicyclists and small children, she should be ready to visit a store.

Before venturing out to a large hardware store such as Lowe's® or Home Depot, call the customer service desk to make sure their policy allows for well-behaved dogs to make short visits. Bass Pro Shops® almost always welcome dogs on leashes. Taking your dog to these places help to get them used to various noises, people and smells. Dogs can become too excited and overloaded through their sensory organs. They have extra perceptive olfactory glands in their nose and their hearing is super strong as well. By taking them to places that have a lot of different smells and various noises, a dog will learn to control herself, not be scared and accept different noises and smells in her own space, for example, her home.  

People who grew up around dogs or have dogs of their own, will, or should, always ask if they can pet your dog. Have her sit next to you so she feels more comfortable meeting someone new. If she shakes 'paws' ask her to do that with the new friend. Make sure everyone is a 'friend'. However, if you are feeling uncomfortable about someone, your dog will pickup on this and could start growling or backing away. Do not force her to accept the person. Tell them she must have to potty and excuse yourself and take her outside or away from the person. Do not put yourself or your dog in an awkward position.

Once your dog has mastered visiting various public places, she will be better behaved when guests come to visit her.


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