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Pet thyroid problemsare a very common thing. Quite a few glands within the body bring into being hormones that have a range of functions, together with controlling metabolism.  One among these is the thyroid gland, which produces thyroid hormone. To sort it out,dogs only get low or hypo thyroid on the other hand, cats get high or hyper thyroid. The thyroid gland produces a hormone that influences metabolism in the body. There are two types in it and includes:
·         Hyperthyroidism
·         Hypothyroidism
As far as the symptoms of thyroid:
·         Decreased activity
·         Decreased appetite and
·         Weakness
Discussing about the pet thyroid treatment options available for this issue, treatment for hypothyroidism entails hormone replacement therapy on the other hand; Treatment options for hyperthyroidism include tablets, radioactive iodine treatment, and surgical confiscation of the ill portion of the thyroid gland.  
If you notice any of the symptom that are aforementioned or you suspect your pet has a thyroid issue, give us a call. We will be glad to answer any questions. It is necessary to give your pet's thyroid medicationon time everyday for overall well-being.

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