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One thing that many dog owners do not know is that dogs are not pure carnivores. They are really omnivores that is why there is a growing trend today to choose vegan dog food than the traditional meat-based variety. While some believe that this is going against what nature intended, you can clearly see the benefits of using vegetarian dog food such as shinier coat, more energy, and an overall better health.


Here are some of the ways to help you get your dog started on a vegan diet.


1. Buy a high quality vegan dog food


You are going to use vegetarian food for your dog because you want him to be healthier, not because you are trying to save some money. We all know that often quality comes at a premium price, so look at some of the brands that, although a bit pricier than the common dog food, contain more vitamins and minerals that all dogs need. Do not forget to read the label and if you see too many chemical compounds whose names you do not fully understand, skip that pack. Also, research on the brand as well as the company to see if they have good reviews from reputable people or sites.


2. Read a guide about making your dog go vegan


If you can, read a book, watch a video, or browse a website that tackles all things about vegetarian dog food. Because you are changing the diet of your pet, it is best if you can understand all that you can about a dog’s becoming a vegetarian. You can also learn what vegetables or ingredients are best to include in your recipes (should you decide to do it on your own) or which brand of vegan dog food is the best for your type of dog.


3. Test your dog’s urine


You will need the help of your veterinarian on this one. Sometimes when a dog goes vegetarian, the level of alkaline in his urine goes up. This may lead to urinary tract infections. Therefore make it a point to get a sample of your dog’s urine once in a while and have it checked by your trusted vet.

4. Consider giving your dog some supplements


No dog food will ever be perfect that it contains all the vitamins and minerals that your dog would ever need. That is why you should be aware with the nutrients contained in the vegan dog food that you are feeding your pet and to supplement it with the missing vitamins and minerals.


5. Talk to a veterinarian or a fellow dog owner who already tried it


It is always best to talk to an expert, either a veterinarian or another pet owner who has been feeding his dog a vegetarian diet for quite some time now. This is to better guide you on what you should do as well as to the things that you should avoid. They can tell you what brands of vegan dog food are best and how much you should be feeding your pet.

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