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I added 3M's products. We use their PUR Adhesive which is greenguard certified. It sprays well, and bonds as able-bodied or bigger than added acquaintance adhesives we accept used. If you are applying covering appliance a hot press, National Casein has a artefact alleged PL 1000 that is adjustable with all LEED criteria. Able luck.

I see the 3M waterbase contacts. What’s the aberration amid the 30NF and the 2000NF? They affirmation four times the advantage compared to bread-and-butter based acquaintance cements, anyone in actuality fabricated this analysis to analyze bulk of coverages?

I haven't done annihilation with their waterbased stuff. I am still afraid to use annihilation waterbased due to bad adventures in the past. I would stick with the 94 CA because it complies with all LEED requirements unless you are searching to go to an absolutely waterbased accumulation system.

We accept switched to the 94CA as able-bodied because it meets the LEED requirements. If you are appliance a press, we use National Casein PC 2365 as it does not board urea formaldehyde and meets VOC limits.

How does the cost/yield of 94CA analyze to added bread-and-butter and baptize based acquaintance cements?

LEED certified acquaintance cements are aswell accessible from NorthStar Adhesives. NorthStar is awash beneath the name Premier and StarStuck throughout the U.S. As to Waterbase adhesives, the old styles did accept some problems, but the companies accept formed through those antecedent hassles. The hardest allotment of alive with the waterbase acquaintance cements is the best dry time. Any of the able companies will be accommodating to sample you a baby bulk so you can see it work.

I started appliance artificial adhering for the aforementioned reason. I use to use Titebond II but had a lot of adhering creep. As an archetype I accept a bend walnut end table I congenital for myself years ago if I aboriginal opened my shop. It has been sanded down and refinished two times and Food Packaging Glue still gets adhering creep. I afresh went aback to Titebond I because they said it does not accept bend like II and gave a diffuse explanation. I will anon acquisition out if they are right.

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