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I used to recommend veterinary diets and certain brands of dog or cat food. Cats are way too finicky to put people through that much trauma. Some cats seem to decide what they want to eat on a daily basis. They may even decide that a food they have been eating is no longer satisfactory. Some cats love dry food and others love canned food. Depending on the cat, one or the other may be the healthier choice. I recommend that people educate themselves and buy or make the best food they can get. That is why I wrote the Dog Dish Diet. A body that  works 24/7 needs lots of good ingredients.A good, strong bridge is not made with least cost cement and iron.

There are prescription diets for allergies, diabetes, and bowel problems in cats and dogs. These diets are formulated with ingredients that will help the patient deal with its medical problems. There are diet foods, hypoallergenic foods, high fiber foods, and foods for diabetic animals. Are these the best choice?  Preventing these medical conditions by feeding a moister, hypoallergenic, higher quality food may help prevent and cure many medical problems. For example, Spot’s Stew by Halo Products has human grade ingredients. The label reads like a shopping list instead of answers on a chemistry test.

The best foods use fewer and recognizable ingredients. Dogs with allergies to some food ingredients will often itch less if you feed the right food. Halo products, Blue Buffalo, and Taste of the Wild are higher quality dog and cat foods that contain human grade ingredients. These brands also limit common chemicals used for processing. Some animals seem to thrive on the cheapest food, but others may need holistic human grade food like Halo or Blue. Even though an animal looks healthy, subtle daily irritation or inflammation of vital organs can lead to medical problems and cancer. So feed the best food that you can!

About the author: I love animals and their bond with us. My new book Dog Dish Diet: Sensible Nutrition for Your Dog's Health is out and available on my website ( ). I have been an animal lover my whole life. As a teenager, I worked at a pet sh... more >>

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