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When it comes to selecting a pet, there is undoubtedly a wide variety of species to choose from. Not only are there different categories like dogs, reptiles, fish, or small mammals, but within those categories there are even more to choose from. That being said, I am a proud owner of a bearded dragon and believe they are great pets to raise for just about anyone.

Not only are they highly domesticated, but they are simple and kind reptiles that you or your children will love. I’ve been raising beardies for a long time and have talked to many owners. Not a single one regrets getting one and more times than often, they have gotten more. So this is my case for why potential pet owners should snatch up a dragon.

Animated and Social Reptiles

In my opinion, it’s quite rare to find a reptile pet as active and social as the bearded dragon. It seems that they get along with humans just fine and are actually lively around them. In the drier areas of Australia, these lizards live in residential areas and co-exist with humans just fine. That’s probably a big reason why they genetically aren’t too afraid of humans like other animals.

Interesting Behaviors

The beardie has interesting quirks and behaviors that really set them apart from any other reptile species. For example, they can puff their throats and turn it black to create a “beard.” Other behaviors such as head bobbing, arm waving and push ups are all behaviors used to communicate with one another.

If a dragon wanted to display dominance to another dragon, they will bob their heads. And if the other dragon wants to submit to the head-bobbing dragon, then it will slowly wave it’s arm in a counter clockwise motion. It’s sort of amazing how these little lizards have developed these type of behaviors for communication in their long history. In addition, it’s quite enjoyable to watch them perform such things.

Skilled Hunters

These reptiles are great at catching their prey to eat. Crickets are a popular choice for their diet, not only because they’re delicious for them, but it’s fun watching your beardie hunt them down. My favorite part of feeding my dragon is watching them chase down crickets.

Often times, you will see an erect tail while they’re hunting down their food. The erect tail is a sign that they are completely focused and concentrated on the immediate task, which is hunting their food.

Docile by Nature

Despite popular belief, the bearded dragon is rather docile towards human, especially when kept in captivity. There’s a misconception outside the reptile community that thinks these dragons are rather vicious. This may be due to their aggressive look on the outside, but it’s not really the case. They are great reptile pets for beginners and children (as long as there is parental supervision) to play with and raise.

So if you’re considering raising a pet (especially a reptile), please give these unique lizards a chance. Bearded dragon care information can be found all throughout the internet and their supplies are in many pet stores, making them easy to raise as well.

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