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It can be a scary experience. First you can't find the cat, then you hear a meow from above. That is when you realize your cat is up a little too high in a tree. What do you do?

Wait - They will come down on their own
There is some debate about if cats who climb trees actually get stuck and need assistance. Most of the time, the cat will come down on their own. A cat will not want to stay where there is no food.

If your cat climbs too high, she might get a case of nerves and be too afraid to come right back down. If might even take a day or two, but eventually hunger will take over or the nerves will subside, and your cat will find her way down.

However, there are times when a cat, maybe one that is not used to being up in a tree, will become too frightened or get spooked, and will refuse to come down on their own.

Call the fire department
It might work in the movies, but there are not too many fire departments that will be will to help.It is becoming more common for the local fire department to turn you down if you ask them to rescue your cat from a tree.

There are many places around the country where the fire department has not provided this service for a long time, if ever.

Call a local “professional tree climber”
When the local fire department will not respond, there are other options. You can try calling your local animal control department. They might have someone who does this sort of work, or they will be able to give you a referral.

You can also call a professional tree climber. The website offers a directory of professionals who can attempt a rescue. It is broken down by state and then region.

For a fee (usually around $150), a professional tree climber will attempt a rescue. Having the proper tree climbing equipment and experience is a key factor in a safe rescue.

It is important to note that not every rescue will be successful. Some cats might become too frightened by the stranger they perceive as an attacker, that they will jump. Cats do not always land on their feet.  

Up an electrical pole
One more quick note: If your cat is stuck on an electrical pole, call the electric company. It is illegal for any not authorized by the electric company to climb utility poles.

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