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Have you ever thought about what would happen if your dog were Super Dog? He would fly in the sky, and rescue victims from Katrinas, Tsunamies, and tornadoes. He would bark at the evil and corrupt. He would grab the airplane flying into the Twin towers with his paws and place it on the ground like a toy. He would pick the noblest mate and make sure he brings her the nicest treats. He would get instant muscles without going to the gym. But what about the fame and the dangers you would face for being the owner of such a dog. Cruel people would persecute you and the dog. The Paparazzi would take pictures all over the place, and ensure you have no privacy. Greedy journalists would write stories that aren’t true. You would want to protect your dog but it would be impossible. Being a super hero is not always easy. Your dog wouldn’t have as many friends. Other dogs would get jealous and would want to take his position. The only thing good is that you and your dog would have your conscience at peace that you did what was right. When my dog was about to die I would look at him in his dying bed, sick, weak, and frail. He wouldn’t eat a thing. How I wished he were Super Dog and conquer the very death that gave him nightmares and shook his wrinkly body at night. Now, that I think about it. He was Super Dog in his own way. He wore my glasses, sat on the reclining chair like a person, watched TV, and scared all the frogs I was afraid of. He was and still is my Super Dog.  

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