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The Humane Society estimated that 62% of American households in 2012 had at least one pet. Dogs are some of the most popular in this category. These pets are more than animals that live along with us. They are members of our families with personalities and needs that are very important. Dog obedience training is a benefit to most households for a number of different reasons.

It doesn’t matter what age your dog is some training can help it to behave better. Many pet owners seek obedience training when they are experiencing problems. This type of training, however, can be used as preventative technique. It is important to ensure that your dog is comfortable interacting with both people and other pets.

The American Pet Products Association states that dogs make up over 83 million of the pets in households. This means they will likely be interacting with other dogs in their neighborhoods, communities and parks. Training makes this process much easier for many families. Different breeds may antagonize each other in some cases. When dogs are trained focusing on obedience all interaction can be safe.

Enhance Your Relationship

One of the best reasons to consider dog obedience training is to enhance your own relationship with your pet. Families with small children often see the need to plan this type of training. If you’ve had a dog from birth interaction may be simple. There are times, however, when it is important to get help with this process.

Dogs with separation or barking issues need training skills. Trainers know how to address specific issues. This makes home life much more comfortable for pets and their owners. You can even learn how to use training techniques on you own as your pet learns more. This will enhance your overall relationship with your dog.

Use Rewards Properly

Many pet owners get overwhelmed by their love for their pets. Rewards are to be give when your dog is behaving properly. Too often though, rewards are given before or during bad behavior or actions. This relays the wrong impression to your dog. Obedience training will help you and your family to learn how to reward your dog properly.

This training is not about changing the charm that your dog exhibits naturally. It’s about finding healthy techniques to better care for your pet. Experts have said that the goal of training your dog should be to control consequences. This has to do with how the pet behaves both in public and at home. Trainers observe dog actions and reactions to help you to work well with your pet.

Find Dog Learning Style

Just as people have different methods for learning new things, so do our pets. Obedience training is a good way to find out exactly how your dog learns. Once this is learned it will be better for you and your dog. Some say that repetition is one of the critical factors when it comes to training a dog. Others like to use consequences related to actions in training.

You may find that your trainer opts to use a combination of these techniques. Studies show a variety of differences between dogs of various breeds. This may factor into the interaction experience you are having with your dog. Learning styles are critical to finding the best ways to interact whether you are out with your pet or at home.

Lead Effectively

Dogs of various ages look for the leaders in the home environment. You will often find that this is true no matter what the breed happens to be. Understanding this will help you to play a positive role in dog obedience training. Being a good leader, relates directly to the use of a reward system. Are you rewarding for good behavior alone? Are you sending mixed messages by not taking away rewards when necessary?

Instituting encouragement of good behavior is the best way to lead your dog. Sitting when instructed is one of these examples. Quiet behavior at appropriate times is another one of these. You can use these and other tips to be a good leader for your pet. This is something that training will provide for you and your family.

Showing New Skills

Some pet owners want to find ways to teach their dogs new skills. There are a variety of different trainers out there for these activities. They usually offer a selection of obedience related techniques to families. At the same time, dogs can learn tricks, call-specified behaviors and proper interaction. These skills are great to show family and friends.

They are also beneficial to relationship building between dog and owner. Many activities help you to ensure that your pet is motivated and healthy. Agility, ball catching, fetch and tug-of-war are sometimes taught during training. This gives your pet something to look forward to when outdoor activity takes place. Overall activity is good for the sensibility of your dog and its behavior.

Make It Fun

Rigid and uncomfortable training sessions are not fun. This should be a time that your dog looks forward to. It doesn’t matter whether you are working with a trainer or using techniques at home. Training time needs to be short and direct. When your pet achieves something you’ve worked on, a reward is in order. Patience is very important during this process.

Some things may be easier for your dog to learn than others. You must give it time to learn and to apply the right behavior. This will take time and understanding. Make the time fun in other ways, too. Select your pet’s favorite location for training. Trainers will offer a variety of ways to encourage the best response for you and your dog.

Using training tips is beneficial to your dog’s life. They teach your pet how to react properly in different circumstances. Training also allows you to get more out of your relationship with your pet. Better behavior makes it easier to care for your dog. Understanding on both parts typically results from the investment of dog training.

About the author: Doug Ryan is a dog trainer who loves dogs. His training and obedience program is successful because its based on sound research and a thorough understanding of dog Doug Ryan is a dog trainer who loves dogs. He suggests using the Gemini K9 Obedienc... more >>

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