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For many years now, guinea pigs have become wildly popular and still increasingly popular as new breeds become more domesticated. In fact, you probably owned or know someone that has currently or previously owned a guinea pig themselves. There’s a reason why so many people take up raising these animals and why they have become favorites in the world of pets. If they weren’t great pets, we wouldn’t have nearly this many guinea pigs around the world today.

So, what actually makes these critters great, lovable pets? In this article i’ll make my case for why guinea pigs are excellent for kids and adults of all kinds and why you should seriously consider raising one today.

Guinea pigs have wonderful personalities and are considered extremely social pets, perhaps only second to dogs. They love humans and will wheek in excitement when their beloved humans are nearby with food. Despite popular belief, these animals can actually develop a bond with their owners similar to that of a dog’s bond. They also have wonderful temperaments and can get along with just about anybody in the world, as long as they treat them with care and love.

As far as breeds go, there is a large selection of guinea pigs to choose from, each with their own quirks and physical trademarks. For example, I have a teddy guinea pig, which are known for their tough and wiry coats. They may not be the most enjoyable animal to pet, but they have a personality that people seem to really enjoy.

And for guinea pig care, we have learned a lot from our mistakes and have compiled a long list of care information in order to raise the healthiest cavy. Supplies and food can be found at your local pet store or market because of how popular these animals are. Our society has truly made it easy for us to raise a healthy and happy piggy.

These animals also require very little grooming depending on which breed you get. Of course, the more exotic breeds with long curly or straight hair require most attention when it comes to grooming. But for small children and busy adults, I would absolutely recommend getting a short haired guinea pig because they don’t need as much grooming. Keep in mind that they still need the attention and love like with all pets since these critters are especially social beings.

A short haired guinea pig really only needs to be brushed once a week, compared to once every few days for their long haired counterparts. Some guinea pigs go their entire lives without taking a single bath and it’s perfectly fine as long as you’re careful. If they accidently get mud on themselves, of course you’d want to bath them as soon as possible.

Like with all pets, these animals require time spent, but it’s not as bad as you might think. And in the end, the entertainment and love that comes from your guinea pig will be well worth the effort put in to raise such a wonderful creature. I would highly recommend these pets for small children (with adult supervision) or adults that are looking for a new friend to raise.

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