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Trendy and chic pet outfits are an absolute craze in the market nowadays. While this may be a trend, there is a scientific reason behind it. Our pets are not cold blooded in nature; therefore, they need something to save them from the extreme cold conditions outside. 
When shopping for your pet, you should know the right ways of selecting the best winter clothing. The following tips would be helpful for you to select the right clothes for your pet
  • Contrasting colors: It is better to buy contrasting colors for pet clothing. It’s easy to pick contrasting colors for your pet, which would make them look more attractive, while keeping them cozy and snug. For a fawn colored dog, you can buy clothes that have shades of red, white, cream, or even checkered patterns in different colors. 
  • Material: Judging the material of the clothing that you are buying will be a little tricky to handle. However, with practice, you will eventually get the hang of it. To check the material, you first need to understand the psyche of your pet. Try and judge the time when your pet is most irritated or angry. The reason behind any animal getting irritated or angry is its inability to adjust to its surroundings. There are times when you might have had trouble taking your dog to a particular vet clinic. One of the reasons behind this could be that he does not like the surroundings there. Similarly, in the case of clothing, anything that will bite or create an itchy sensation in the pet’s body will not be appreciated at all. Therefore, always choose materials that are soft and smooth in nature. 
  • Prefect fit: When you choose clothes for yourself, the fitting is a critical factor. The same should be followed when you are buying clothes for your pet. The perfect size and fitting of winter wear will make your pet comfortable. However, the question arises - how will you know what will fit your pet the best? For this, you need to take the measurements before venturing out. It is always better to buy loose fitting clothing for your pet as it would like to be free to jump and play around in any kind of clothing. 
Importance of Winter Clothing for Your Pets
Some of the reasons why your pet would need winter clothing are as follows: 
  • Booties for the feet : One of the most sensitive parts in an animal’s body is its feet. Many a times, it has been seen that vet clinics get cases like cuts or a thorn stuck in the feet during winters. In fact, such cases are very less during the summer months. The reason for this is quite simple. Walking on the snow, your pet is not able to judge if there is any thorn or sharp object underneath the snow.  Therefore, it is important to get booties for their feet so that you are able to protect them from any harm or injury. 
  • The coat cover : Be it any pet, the furry coat on their back is their ultimate protection against winter. If your pet has a single coated fur, like those in Maltese, then the cold weather will affect it considerably. However, if your pet has a double coated fur like in German Shepherds, it will be able to bear the cold weather. 
  • Immunity power : The power to withstand extreme conditions is known as immunity. Compared to humans, animals have more immunity. Yet your pet may not be comfortable in sub zero temperatures due to low immunity. Getting winter clothing for him is recommended in such situations.  
Making your pet comfortable in the winter months is every owner’s motive. So buy the best available cold weather clothing available in the market. 

About the author: Clara Grundy Dallas, Texas Native. Went to LSU in 2001-2003. Graduated from University of New Orleans in Marketing, 2005. Has worked in the wholesale fashion industry since graduation.For more information follow Clara on Twitter @ClaraGrundy... more >>

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