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Still looking for a Halloween costume for your precious pooch?  Want something that can be worn more than once a year?  Well look no further than the pictures and links below can take you!  These fantastic costumes are not your ordinary run of the mill creations - oh no ~ these could be worn for Halloween, for a pet party with style, or for a night stroll on the town sidewalk - yes these outfits fit the bill in more than one way.  Check them out and pick the one, two or more that you would like to see your furry friend wear.  No matter which costume you choose, you will be sure to get lots of comments and attention! 


High Couture Style

A feather fan, sequins, or tulle, added to a harness dress that accentuates the shoulders and gives drama to the whole creation.


from $71.24    Lil Yorkie Fru Fru


Bad & Bold Style

Need a rough and tough costume for your big and bold dog? Look no further than these great buff-dog costumes!  A cave-dog, a pirate-dog, a punker style dog or a prisoner dog will fit the bill on this one!



from $19.99




from $26.95




Exotic Style

Take your pet to a new level and change their look entirely - make them into a totally new and different, exotic pet! Let your pet's inner desires come out in full force!


$48   Lil Yorkie Fru Fru


Lady Gaga Style

Have a "girlie" dog that likes to test the fashion waters?  Check out these costumes that could escalate your pup into a new rock star, a high tech out of this world fashion model!


from $12.5    L Pavia



Animal Kingdom Cutie-Pies

A turtle, giraffe, caterpillar, bee, lady bug or a monkey.  You choose a safari mode, a jungle mode, or a light-hearted insect theme for your pet this Halloween. There are plenty of choices in all sorts of sizes to turn your pet into a Halloween cutie-pie!


from $19.95







from $19.95


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