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If you have read my last two blogs you would know that I had to submit my first claim to my dog's health insurance company.  To some the phrase "my dog's health insurance company" may seem down right ridiculous!  I know it does to my parents!  They laugh every time I tell them my dog has health insurance.  In some cases my dog's plan may even be a better than my dad's!  However, I am not here to debate healthcare.  I am here to give pet owners my first hand experience with having health insurance for my dog.

This is the first dog we have had pet insurance for and boy do I wish we had it for our last one!  We lost her to cancer in March of 2009 and 1 day at the vet cost us $3,500 and the loss of our beloved Gertie.  So this time we enrolled in VPI for Betty, our ten month old brindle bullmastiff. 

This past weekend Betty was the victim of the dreaded acorn!  Not a blockage like we thought, but acorn poisoning!  Toxins found in acorns and other products of the oak tree had built up in her system.  This was due to one of her favorite habits which is eating acorns!  Our constant battle with this issue has lead us to keep her on a leash in our fenced in yard until the acorns stop falling.  An emergency vet trip on Saturday night and a bill for $544 brings us to our first claim form. 

The claim form was very easy to fill out.  In my initial registration packet I found a pre-filled claim form with all of the needed information such as policy number, name, address, ect.  You can also find pre-printed forms if you register for a free online account with your policy.  This eliminates the need to keep a copy of the balnk one on hand.  I filled out the form and faxed it to the company along with my receipt for services rendered.  Now we are waiting to see the turn-around time for this process. 

We have a standard plan vs. a superior plan.  We added some basic well care coverage and the enhanced cancer coverage.  Our specific plan runs us about $26.00 a month.  Stay tuned and I will let you know how much we were reimbursed!

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As one who operates a Pit-Bull rescue, one leading pet insurance company allows me to give away 90 days of free pet insurance with every adoption. Obviously they are looking to capitalize on the new pet owner renewing and keeping it up but when you are adopting dogs that often are only a few days out of the shelter, a plethora of issues can crop up. Skin conditions, kennel cough etc. and I've seen that pet insurance come in quite handy for more than a few occasions. In other countries it is quite common. It saved me a lot of money when I lived in England and had a 2 year old German Shepard (Alsatian) lose the fight to kidney malfunction. Like any insurance policies, review and fully understand what you are paying for. There are many plans out there. Some good, some... well... not so much but it is something that should be considered.
Posted by sifugreg on Monday, 09/26/2011, 08:05AM

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