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Animal Trainer38
Pet Related Profession: Pet Trainer
Credentials Awarded: Bachelor of Science Psi Chi (Honors in Psychology) Sigma Xsi (Honors in Science) Muse Medallion (Best training book of the year 2003) Dog Show judge Horse Show judge
Amherst, Virginia 24521, United States
I have been a professional animal trainer since 1978. While in college, I began my career at Boston Franklin Park Zoo, then worked several years at National Zoo in Washington, DC. After earning my degrees in Psychology and Zoology, I had to earn a real living, so I worked at Georgetown University Medical School, then began my own training business in 1983. I teach pet owners how to care for and train their pets using the animal's own means of communication, which greatly speeds up cross-species understanding. Also in 1983 I began providing trained animals for media productions. I have worked on films, television programs, commercials and photography. Each production is a different challenge, and I really enjoy a challenge. I was married in 1982 to my childhood sweetheart who lived across the street. We're still married after over 35 years together - and that's a great challenge! I gave birth to a boy in 1985. Talk about another challenge! Animals are so much easier. I now live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and operate a luxury pet boarding (and training) facility as well as offer private training lessons and continue to work on media productions. In 1995 I published my first dog training book and have completed 37 published pet books since. My personal time is spent riding my horses in the mountains. That's heaven!
Animal Trainer38
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