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Pet Related Profession: Pet Groomer
Credentials Awarded: "Employee of the Quarter" in 2009 for detecting cancer symptoms in a pet client, 'Top Dog Training Sales' award in 2008, multiple promotions in both grooming and training, multiple client compliments and acknowledgments.
Seattle, Washington 98107, United States
I've always loved animals and anything nature-related. I surfed for 3 years, went to Australia to study abroad in "Tropical Ecology and Marine Biology", and got my Bachelor's degree in "Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution" with a minor in Psychology. I just had my first daughter, Penny Jane, who is now 2 months old. I also own two dogs: Addy, my 4 year old Border Collie Mix, and Luv, my 9 year old West Highland Terrier. My husband, daughter, and dogs all reside happily in Seattle, WA... dog heaven!!

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