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Cat peeing on bed

Posted by purplefrontline on 10/10/2011
I had my 7 month old cat declawed about 5 weeks ago. I understand the severity of the procedure, but I couldn't take her scratching of my 4 year old daughter. However, my problem is that she has found 3 new places to urinate: a chair in the living room, my bed, and my bath mat. She occasionally pees in the litter box and always defecates there. I have had her back to the vet and her feet have healed fine. They didn't test for a urinary tract infection because they highly suspect this is a behavioral problem. I have been giving her Rescue Remedy in her water. I also gave her an inflammatory prescribed by the vet for a few days, but it hasn't made a difference. What's going on?
Answered by honorine on 10/10/2011
Sorry to hear this. Cats are somehow very picky about their litter boxes. Do you clean her litter box often to keep it very clean? Have you tried to put the litter box near her favorite spot?

I have two cats myself and one cat used to pee on the carpet. I tried so many ways to stop her from doing this but it didn't work. Eventually I moved the litter box to the place she liked to pee a lot. Then she stopped as it was her favorite place.

I think in your case it's more of a hehavioral problem instead of a health issue. Try to keep her litter box very clean and move the litter box to where she likes.

She is only 7 month old so be patient. It's not hard to teach her since she's still young.
Commented by purplefrontline on 10/10/2011
The litter box is always very clean. I'm wondering if I just haven't been successful at removing all the odor from the places she urinates so that she keeps going back. It's pretty disheartening. Thanks for your comments.
Commented by Dr.Greg on 10/11/2011
This sounds behavioral. Her feet may have healed but maybe her mind hasn't. New people? New pets? Have you changed the litter to something new? I agree with honorines comments
Commented by purplefrontline on 10/11/2011
Nothing is new in the house. I agree it's behavioral. She was perfect with her litter box until the declawing. Right now we're just trying to keep her out of our bedroom, and as for the living room, I can put a litter box there as a temporary solution but unfortunately it's not an ideal place for a box long term! I hope she snaps out of it soon!
Commented by petlover on 10/13/2011
Of if she hates the odor, try to get some odor remover at Petsmart or Petco. Maybe she's stressed as she's declawed. Hope she's doing better now.