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I have a kitten that is with 8 weeks old and has a small needle size hole with swelling and drainage. It is kind of deep and dark like something might be inside the hole. He was real lethargic the day before I noticed the bite. Which is located on the backside of his scrotum near his anus. I want to know what might cause this to happen?

Posted by nhuffman1980 on 11/09/2010
He seems to be fine other than the swelling and drainage. It is sensitive to touch he doesn't like when you press on it. He is constantly licking it. Please help me. If you need a picture of the wound. I can try to get a good picture of it.
Answered by Dr.Greg on 11/15/2010
Kittens love to play rough and he might of gotten bit or scratched. Does he have playmates? Keep it clean with warm soapy water or peroxide.If he appears lethargic, the wound is swelling, or he doesn't want to eat, he may need to be examined and treated. We use antibiotics for the infection causing swelling, pain, and drainage.