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My cat has been running around and meowing a lot for two days and she's acting like she's spooked. What could be wrong with her?

Posted by angelz4animalz on 05/15/2011
oh and she's an adult
Answered by honorine on 05/15/2011
If she's an adult, this might be caused by the spring time if she doesn't have health issues. Cats go out a lot during this time as they want to explore and meet new friends especially girlfriends and boyfriends.

How old is your cat? Even though she's spayed, she still has the urge.

I have the same personal experience with my cat. He's only 2 years old and had disappeared for 2 days all by himself for the first time of his life. It was unbelievable as he grew up in my house.

So keep a close eye on her and don't let her run out. If she continues to meow, bring her to a vet to see if she's got some health issues.

I believe she's healthy. She is probably like my cat, just wants to go out and explore.

Try to comfort her and spend more time with her regardless.
Commented by angelz4animalz on 05/16/2011
She's 6 years old. She doesn't disappear, she comes back to sleep, eat, and play. Lately though she has been running all around my house like if she's hiding or running from something. Or she starts sniffing everything. She is very healthy!!
Commented by honorine on 05/17/2011
Good. I guess it's maybe just the spring time. Season for play!
Commented by angelz4animalz on 05/19/2011
Yeah that's probably it! Thanks!
Commented by compoundiapharmacy on 08/29/2013
yea, I do agree with honorine!She is in Heat awants to mate that is the reason she is constantly meowing to let the male in their vicinity know of their willingness to mate.