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Oral Care Cat Food - Is it worth the price?

Posted by honorine on 05/30/2011
I buy oral care cat food for my cats as I want to make sure their teeth are healthy and clean when they are still young. The oral care cat food really costs more than regular dry food. For example, I buy Royal Canin or another brand which costs me over $20 for a small bag, whereas a big bag of regular food costs me less.

The employee at Petsmart told me those are high end food. Of course they are from the price.

Do they really work? Can they really remove stains or tartar? Are they worth the money?

Answered by Dr.Greg on 05/30/2011
Developing tartar is a combination of genetics and high grain diet.Some crunchy diets may help a bit, but if the cat is prone to tartar, they will still develop it, even with a tartar control crunchy food.

Canned food will sometimes decrease tartar buildup as well as a ggod chew on some chicken gristle. Barn cats always have very little tartar because they eat moist, crunchy, high protein, low carb, packages
Commented by YPT on 06/02/2011
Thanks. So maybe I should encourage my cats to eat more wet food like those barn cats.

Could you recommend any food either dry or canned if possible?
Commented by Dr.Greg on 06/02/2011
There is a brand new product you can add to a canned food daily called evora-pet.Used to be called Teddy's Pride by oragenics . It is a probiotic that actually reduces tartar and cleans teeth.It is a tasteless odorless powder that contains the beneficial bacteria.

For canned cat food, I usually recommend evo, or other no grain higher quality cat food. Trouble is cats are so finicky that whatever I recommend they are going to hate. So you have to try different ones till you hit one that your cat likes.