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Default Very Old Horse- HELP!


There is a horse in my barn that I have been taking care of. He is between 35 and 40 (no one knows because he came from a rescue years ago). He is the sweetest little man in the world (an arab), but he is basically skin and bones. His legs look awesome, like that of a young horse, but the rest of his body is boney. He has four teeth on top and four on bottom, but we feed him three times a day. He gets senior feed wet and mushy and soggy alphalpha cubes.

Does anyone have any recommedations about how to put more weight on him. He tends to eat more now because we have been putting him out 6 days a week and grooming him daily. He loves the attention.

Also, he is still shedding but I think he wasn't eating enough over the winter to now be growing new hair. He has horrible dandruff and I'm scared of grooming him too much for fear of giving him bald spots. I give him moisterizing baths like once a week but I don't want to dry out his skin even more. Any help is appreciated.

He doesn't get any supplements except eye drops (other than the weight he is in perfect health) and plays around like a baby when he gets the attention he deserves.

Please help. He really is an awesome horse, but people are afraid to play with him because they feel like they will break him. I want him to put on weight so people will love him up.


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